Virtual Art Programs


Art of Bill Schnug – Watch as the camera pans across some of the complex works of local collage artist Bill Schnug. Bill began making paper collages in his late teens. They are made from pictures and photographs found in various magazines, calendars and books. He arranges them to form another picture that flows into the next and never knows what the outcome will be.  This simplistic approach has led him to make many complex pieces over the years and all are diverse. Bill enjoys piecing them together and the time and concentration involved.

 Art of Robert Cuff – Watch as Robert takes us on a tour through his gallery exhibit and discusses his thoughts behind the paintings. Robert has been interested in the way strong light defines spaces by producing dramatic shadows and highlights can also help to create atmospheres. He has been experimenting with that idea using street musicians he sees in center city Philadelphia and people in outdoor restaurants. The strong light helps to influence the narrative behind the figures. The subjects are representational – ranging from landscapes — which are both studio and plein aire — to figurative studies of people within environments in the city of Philadelphia. The landscapes are views from where he lives, which is along the Delaware River in Southern New Jersey. He feels fortunate because out back of his house are views of the river that range from saturated sunsets of brilliant color to misty, foggy, nearly monochromatic grays of a spring afternoon creating a wide range of outdoor atmospheres. Robert’s paintings are small to mid-­sized oil paintings. The paintings are executed on canvas, linen, and museum board using brushes and palette knives. 

Art Programs

Hugh Campbell Story – Hugh H. Campbell was a man of many talents. He expressly captured his own view of Mount Holly via his paintbrush. He was an artist, published author and philosopher who lived an extremely minimalistic life. Sometimes called the “Van Gogh of Mount Holly” Hugh Campbell was a man who painted voraciously and then lined his canvases in front of a wall on High Street. Hugh chose modest homes, spalling fields, and the winding Rancocas creek to paint, most of which were located right in and around Mt. Holly. 

Hugh Campbell Through the Eyes of Art Smith - Three Part Miniseries Watch this extraordinarily unique opportunity with local artist and art instructor Art Smith, as he dives in depth on his thoughts and perspectives about a few carefully selected Hugh Campbell paintings.  The best part, we are on location in the area of the painting subject. This three-part miniseries has us traveling to Green Street in Mt. Holly, the farm fields near the Agricultural center in Moorestown, and on the banks of the Rancocas Creek. Art Smith explains these works and sheds light into how Hugh Campbell might have approached these paintings. Part I: Green StreetPart II: The Farm, Part III: On The Rancocas  This series can also be found on the Burlington County Arts Facebook Page    

 Framing 101 Whether you are entering a contest that requires artwork to be framed and wire hung, or have some art lying around that you just haven’t framed yet, let us show you how to put it together with a professional touch. In this introductory demo, you will learn how to properly assemble a framed piece of work from start to finish and have it ready for the gallery or your wall at home.