Court Liaison Program

All individuals referred to this program are referred from the various court systems throughout Burlington County, which includes, but is not necessarily limited to, municipal court, probation, Pre Trail Intervention Program (PTI), bail unit, family court. The intention of the program is to divert individuals with a substance abuse problem to treatment; thereby providing an intervention process for individuals with legal problems which occurred as a result of their substance abuse. The Court Liaison Program (CLP) provides for treatment recommendation(s) and/or referral(s) upon conclusion of an on site evaluation and screening of referred individuals. This process also assists the client to become and/or return to becoming a productive member of society. For those individuals referred for a stay under, Alcohol Treatment and Rehabilitation Act (ATRA), N.J.S.A. 26 : 2 BN - 17, the client’s treatment is monitored for a 90 day period by CLP staff thereby acting as a liaison between the treatment provider and the court.

The court liaison staff conducts evaluations in the Human Services Building. In addition evaluations are conducted at a satellite office located in the court house at 49 Rancocas Road. Weekly evaluations are performed at the Juvenile Detention Center, the Burlington County Jail and Burlington County Minimum Security Facility.