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Homicide of John Gilbride

  1. Case Description
    On September 27, 2002, Maple Shade police responded to a call by a resident of the 300 Building, Ryan’s Run West, Kings Highway, reporting a motor vehicle left running with the headlights on in front of the building. When officers arrived at the location, they found the victim, John J. Gilbride, age 34 of 304 Ryan’s Run West, 55 East Kings Highway, Maple Shade, New Jersey, in the driver’s seat of a vehicle who had been shot.

    Gilbride was discovered by police inside his 1985 Ford Crown Victoria. Police found the driver’s side window was shattered and a number of spent casings were found on the ground near the victim’s vehicle. The victim suffered multiple gun shot wounds to the head and chest area. The victim lived alone at this address and was employed by US Air at the Philadelphia Airport and held the position of Lead Agent, baggage area The investigation into the shooting is on-going and being conducted by the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office, Major Crimes Unit and the Maple Shade Police Department.
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