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Fall 2022 Catalog

Fall 2022 Course Listing

Please note that the above linked documents are the initial details of courses we have planned to run for the current Semester and are not updated after they are published.  As the Semester progresses however, we determine if additional courses can be run.  Said courses, once established, will be posted to our Public Safety Training Courses page as well as mentioned via an Announcement link on our ESTC main page.

The Training Courses page contains all ESTC and Law Enforcement courses, and is updated routinely as new courses are made available. 


Online Registration for nearly all current ESTC Courses are up and running. One way to get to this is to open the Course List above and click the Hyperlinked Course ID # of the course you wish to enroll in.

Please note that our FIREFIGHTER I courses are NOT INCLUDED in the Online Registration process.  Please complete the Course Registration Form as provided HERE.

EMT Course Offerings

For all EMT Course inquiries, please access the following website: or call 856-242-5960.

For All Other EMS Courses

Please visit the VIRTUA EMS Education Center:

Scroll to "EMS Education" for a listing of current courses.