Benefits Eligibility

Spouse & Civil Partner

Please bring a copy of marriage / civil union certificate.


Unmarried children under age 19 that are dependent chiefly on the subscriber or enrolled spouse / civil partner for support and maintenance qualify. Unmarried children are defined as natural children, adopted children, stepchildren, and children for whom an employee or spouse / civil partner is appointed a kinship guardian. We require a copy of the birth certificate or other legal document showing both the child and parent's names. For kinship guardians a copy of the court/guardian order is required.

Older Children

To establish eligibility for dependents 19 through 23, the following documentation must be submitted:

Copy of letter from college noting full time student status and a copy of most recent Federal 1040 indicating dependents claimed (for confidentiality purposes you may cover the figures submitted to the IRS). To continue participation, tax forms are requested annually and student verifications in February and August of each year.

It is the responsibility of the employee to notify the Benefits Office of any change in eligibility such as marriage, birth or adoption, divorce, or dependent reaching maximum age.