Other Services

Physician's License Registration

There is a $25 fee to register a physician's license with the County Clerk's Office. A true copy of the license from the State Board of Medical Examiners of New Jersey is required for the registration. The true copy is retained in the County Clerk's Office.

The home address of the physician registering the license must be provided. This information is not furnished to the public and information contained in the license is kept private.

Submitting the License

You may drop off the physician's license at the County Corner in the Moorestown Mall with a $25 check or money order payable to Burlington County Clerk or pay by credit/debit card. No cash payment is accepted.

We will transport it to the County Clerk's office for recording.

Firemen's Exempt Certificates

Firemen's Exempt Certificates are issued by local fire departments.

There are 4 copies that are provided to the County Clerk's Office. One copy is kept on file in this office. The other 3 copies are authenticated in our office and sent back to the issuing township.

There is no charge for filing firemen's exempt certificates. These are only done at the County Clerk's Office in Mount Holly:

50 Rancocas Road, 3rd floor
Mount Holly, NJ 08060