Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The GIS Section was established in 1995 to act as a coordinating body for GIS activities within the County. Thus, the GIS Section is responsible for creating, maintaining, acquiring and serving digital geographic data layers that are useful to the County's GIS user community. In order to facilitate the use of this data, the GIS Section also provides GIS software, training, technical support, and project development assistance and mapping to County departments. Departmental users of the GIS include Public Safety/Emergency Management, Engineering, Health, Resource Conservation, Prosecutors, Highway, Board of Elections, Legal and the Burlington County Bridge Commission's Economic Development office. Each department has a different level of autonomy thus requiring various degrees of support with the Burlington County Bridge Commission's Economic Development Office employing their own full time GIS Specialists.

To keep abreast of technology, new data, data standards and other GIS user projects, the GIS Section attends various training programs, conferences, user groups and informational meetings throughout the year. View more information about GIS online.

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