Municipal Forms & Information

The County Roads and Bridges Department is willing to assist any township with their stormwater permitting.

Please email us and let us know what we can assist you with.

Collection Procedures


Most of the mapping required by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to be included in the Municipal Stormwater Management Plan can be made available to townships as PDF, JPG, or other images on CD-ROM from the Burlington County Resource Conservation Department.

The only maps not available are the Build-out Analysis and Zoning District maps in those municipalities not included in the Route 130 and 206 Corridor Studies. The map images on CD-ROM are made available within 45 days of a written request.


The geographic information system (GIS) data used to create these maps, as well as the GPS locations of the county-maintained inlets and outfalls, can also be made available to the municipalities through a GIS Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) with the Burlington County Department of Information Technology.

The county also has 2 Global Positioning Systems (GPS) units that municipalities can use to locate outfall structures and other drainage facilities to satisfy NJDEP requirements for a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP).


To aid in common review and use of the outfall data, the county recommends a standardized protocol for the data dictionary used for GPS collection. That data library is programmed into the county's GPS units. Municipalities using other units can obtain a text of the data dictionary from the county. Use of the GPS units requires a GIS Data Sharing Agreement and is scheduled in advance. A brief training session and data collection manual are provided with the GPS unit.

Any questions regarding GIS Data Sharing Agreements or the county's GPS units should be directed to emailing Merrilee Torres or calling 609-702-7067.

Street Sweeper / Vactor Waste

The Roads and Bridges Department is looking into the disposal and recycling of the sweeper and vactor waste.

If you are interested in working with the department on disposing of your sweeper and vactor waste please email us.

Vehicle Washing

The Roads and Bridges Department is looking into building a recirculating vehicle wash.

If you are interested in working with the department on the washing of your vehicles, please email us.