Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

The CHIP Committee of Burlington County has been hard at work for 2 years creating CHIP for county residents, community organizations and civic groups.

This committee is made up of over 100 public health partners who represent a wide variety of the community and cover many different areas of health and well being. This committee gathered all kinds of information about the health of Burlington County and took a close look at organizations, neighborhoods, families and individuals.

This information was gathered through community meetings, focus groups, community surveys and a telephone survey. All of this was done to take a closer look at the health of the people who live in the county as well as the things in the county that affect their health status.

Priority Areas

Once, the information was collected and organized, 3 priority areas were identified:

  • Access to Healthcare
  • Chronic Health Conditions- Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer
  • Overweight/Obesity

These issues will be outlined in this text along with suggested ways to improve on all of them. This makes up the health improvement plan. The next step in the process is to start to take action on the health issues identified above.

Currently, we are organizing committees committed to improving the identified health issues by drawing, once again, on our willing public health partners. We continue to seek your input so that the Burlington County Vision for a Healthy Community becomes a reality.

View the entire Burlington County CHIP (PDF).

Vision for a Healthy Burlington County 2020

"In vision of the future, the citizens of Burlington County will relate to one another within a culture of personal respect for their common interests as well as for their differences. This capacity will be derived from the creation of a host of educational, social, medical, environmental, and economic support systems that promotes and sustain individual and collective self respect. Citizens, together, in their private lives or in the community, whether in the workplace, marketplace, schools, religious setting, or in any other activity, will create a healthy and safe community that supports shared leadership, interconnected use of limited resources, accountability, and a capacity to change. The results will stimulate organizations to work for the long term public interest, and ensure positive health outcomes, strong families and households, and the clean environment and open spaces needed for sound social and economic development."

Freeholder Addiego discussing county health goals with workshop participants