File a Tax Appeal 

The Notice of Assessment postcard is to be received in the month of November in the pre-tax year.  For example, 2022 assessment valuation will be delivered in November 2021.  If you have not received the property notice of assessment postcard by November 20th, please contact your municipal tax assessor.

Municipal Assessors

Within 45 days of the date of the mailing of the notice of assessment, an aggrieved property owner may file a tax appeal with the Burlington County Board of Taxation of their assessment value.  The filing deadline is January 15th of the tax year unless the date of mailing of the notice of assessment postcard is beyond November 30th of the pre-tax year.

To File A Tax Appeal

File a Tax Appeal Online - The online filing deadline is 11:59pm on January 15th, unless otherwise noted.  Please note, the online appeal system is not compatible with Internet Explorer, please use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers. 

The online filing system will be disabled by midnight January 16th and will no longer accept a filing of a tax appeal.

File a Tax Appeal Paper Form - The paper form must be received in Burlington County Board of Taxation Office by 4:30pm on January 15th, unless otherwise noted.

A late filing of a paper appeal will be returned to the address of mailing along with any payment enclosed.  A filer who arrives in-person after the January 15th deadline will not be accepted.

Please follow all instructions on the appeal form carefully.

If you need assistance, please contact us at 609-265-5056 or