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The Burlington County Commissioners take an active role in promoting employment within the county and state. This site is designed for both businesses and job seekers to find the information and assistance needed to be successful in this volatile economy. Learn about the Board of County Commissioners and how they help Business and Job Seeker Services.

Businesses seeking assistance with employee training, job openings, grants or needing additional information should see the business services section.

Career Fair

Job Seekers

Job seekers looking for information on job searches, employment training, resume writing, see job seekers

Job Openings

Career Coach

  • Browse or search for careers. Career Coach will provide data on education, wages, current and available employment (through Indeed.com), and the training required for the position.
  • Occupational Mobility Explorer - In Exploring a Skills-Based Approach to Occupational Mobility, researchers from the Philadelphia and Cleveland Feds analyze the skills that employers request in the 33 largest metro areas and look for opportunities for workers to transfer their skills from one occupation to a similar - but higher paying - occupation in the same labor market. This application is designed to make the findings interactive and wholly accessible to those interested in economic mobility.

Learn more at rcbc.edu/careercoach 

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