NexTrex Recycling Program

Burlington County supports the Trex Recycling Challenge! The Burlington County Recycling Office has partnered with Trex to help promote their NexTrex Programs in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic bags, film and wrap in the solid waste stream. Trex recycles #2 and #4 plastic bags and film such as plastic Amazon mailers, bubble wrap, plastic case wrap, dry cleaner bags, cereal and bread bags, and newspaper sleeves into decking and furniture.

Burlington County Plastic Recycling NexTrex Info

To capture more bags and film, Trex sponsors two annual Challenge Programs - one for schools and one for community groups. 

The School Challenge begins on November 15, and ends April 15

  • Challenge: Collect the most plastic film and bags to win a Trex bench.
  • Trex provides posters, recycling bins and magnets for students. 
  • Students collect plastic bags/ film from friends and family and fill their bins.
  • Full bins are emptied, bagged, weighed and totals reported to Trex. 
  • Volunteers deliver full bags to the County Recycling Center or a participating retailer*

The Community Challenge - Select a 6-month collection period

  • Challenge: Collect a minimum of 500 lbs. of plastic film and bags.
  • Trex provides posters and recycling bins. 
  • Weights are recorded each month and totals reported to Trex.
  • Volunteers deliver full bags to the County Recycling Center or participating retailer.*
  • Groups who meet the 500 lbs. goal receive a Trex bench.

*Current participating retailers include Acme, Kohls, Whole Foods and Wegmans but they may limit amounts accepted from Challenge groups. 

To learn more and/or register, please click the "Learn More" links below!

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