Rehoming an Animal

Rehoming Your Animal

If it is decided that rehoming your pet is the best option, we recommend finding a new home for the pet yourself with friends, neighbors, family or co-workers. If that fails, we’ve teamed up with Adopt-A-Pet and the Petco Foundation to provide you with a simple rehoming solution:

Go to the Adopt-a-Pet website (found here).

Answer a few brief questions about your pet (breed, age, sex, health, etc.)

Upload a couple photos (or even a video!)

Be connected with adoptive families!!!

If you are not successful in finding a loving home for your pet, you can surrender your pet to us and we will do our best to rehome your pet.

Surrendering Your Pet to the Shelter

We accept the surrender of owned cats and dogs by appointment only and there is a fee for each pet that is surrendered to the Shelter. The fee is $45 per animal that is not spayed or neutered and $25 for each animal that is spayed or neutered. If the animal has bitten within the last 10 days the fee to surrender is $145. Please call us at 609-265-5073 to schedule an appointment. If we do not have the space available we can not guarantee same day appointments and you will be placed on our waiting list and will receive a call when space opens. The following steps can be taken to expedite the process:

* Complete a surrender profile of your pet (documents below) - this is required
* Please gather any medical records you have your pet to be available upon surrender
* If you have any current photos of your pet they can be emailed to be uploaded into the pets profile

Once an appointment to surrender your pet is made the pet will be evaluated to determine eligibility for adoption. Though we try our best we can not always guarantee placement of a animal if there are aggression or medical concerns. We will can not accept an injured or severely sick animal as our Shelter is limited on medical capabilities. 

Surrender Forms

Please have the following form filled out prior to your arrival. The forms can be filled out and emailed to as well to expedite your appointment prior to your appointment time.