Reuse Options

What is Reuse?

Reuse programs keep materials that would otherwise be discarded out of the waste stream and make items available at lower costs or at no cost.

Donation - We sometimes forget that the things we no longer need can help those who have less, and items that we think are outdated are still of value to others.

Resale - Garage sales and consignment stores allow used goods to move from hand to hand, and return a portion of the original cost to the former owners. By purchasing used items, you help to keep materials out of the landfill and cut down on the number of new goods manufactured.

Rental - Consider renting those tools that you may only need for one project rather than buying them and having them sit idle for years and deteriorate unused. For example, big power tools, landscape tools, snow blowers and even furniture can be rented.

Sharing - Your neighbors and family can share big items like extension ladders and chain saws.

Materials Exchanges - These enterprises accept large volumes of business or home furnishings for sale at low prices. They are good for large corporations who wish to update their equipment, while avoiding the cost of disposal of the old items, and they help start-ups obtain equipment at low cost.