Emergency Services Unit


The Burlington County Sheriff's Office formed the Emergency Services Unit in 2007 to prepare officers to more safely and effectively counter an ever increasing culture of critical incidents due to a rising propensity for violence in our communities throughout the country. In the beginning the team was comprised of a few volunteer officers, and has developed into a well organized, motivated, and multifaceted tactical team prepared to respond at any time.


Recognizing the essential need for a highly trained and well equipped emergency response team substantially reduces the risk of injury and loss of life to citizens, officers, and suspects in high risk incidents is the intent of The Burlington County Sheriff's Emergency Services Unit. The tactical unit has received advanced training in various fields and possesses capabilities in special weapons and tactics, high-risk warrant service, hostage rescue, barricaded suspects, active shooters, dignitary protection, high risk prisoner transportation, and preparation for weapons of mass destruction and terrorism incidents.

Law Enforcement & the Emergency Services Units

The Emergency Services Unit trains and operates as a single unit, but also trains with local, state, and federal emergency response teams, along with instructors from various military and private organizations. The Emergency Services Unit conducts its own operations and assists law enforcement agencies with critical incidents and warrant service. The Emergency Services Unit has assisted with the training of law enforcement agencies and can train agencies as requested.


The Emergency Service Unit also conducts presentations at schools to faculty, staff, and students, as well as Burlington County Sheriff's Office community events to reach out to our citizens. Team members train throughout the year as a Unit to maintain readiness, and to meet national standards in tactics, weapons training, and physical conditioning. Semi-annually members undergo rigorous physical conditioning tests to remain active on the team. In addition, semiannually firearms qualifications are conducted with all the weapon systems utilized by the team. The Emergency Services Unit continues to train in the latest tactics and training methods and embraces emerging technologies with the philosophy that learning is a lifelong process.