Adoption Process

What to expect when trying to adopt an animal from the Burlington County Animal Shelter

How to Start the Application Process:

We encourage all potential adopters to check the website or call in to the Shelter to see if there is an animal you're interested in adopting. If so, you will fill out an application for review to become an approved adopter. After you have become an approved adopter you will be contacted to schedule a meet with the animal you and interested in to interact with it or any other animal still available. You may see up two animals per appointment.

If you are interested in applying for an animal online, please follow this link to register with Petango. After registering with Petango you can then fill out an application online which will come to us directly. Please allow us some time to process your application and simply call us with your name to check on the status.

Things to Know About the Application Process:

If you are a renter we will need to have verification from your landlord that you are allowed to have a pets. If you able to bring a copy of your lease containing the pet policy that would be great. If you are not able to do so please have your landlords contact number so we can attempt to contact to verify the pet policy when you submit your application. We will allow a 24-hour period to attempt to reach the landlord before we being accepting new applications on the animal you applied for.

If you have another dog at home it may be a good idea to bring your dog with you if you are applying for a dog as we do require a dog meet. If a dog meet is the only thing pending we will allow a 24-hour period to bring in your dog for a dog meet before we being accepting new applications on the animal you applied for.

Things to Know About the Adoption Process:

Once your application has been approved and you have interacted with the animal if the animal is spayed or neutered you will be able to take the animal home the same day. If you do not wish to take the animal home that day you have a 48-hour period to arrange for pick up for the animal before we start accepting new applications.

If the animal you have chosen still needs to be spayed or neutered you can complete the adoption paperwork on the animal to put a hold on it until it is able to go through the spay and neuter clinic. After it goes through the clinic you will then have a 48-hour period after the clinic to pick up the animal.

Shelter Pet Medical Info:

All cats and dogs are given a basic medical examination by a veterinary technician. All animals are de-wormed, given a distemper shot, and rabies vaccine when they arrive at the shelter. They are also treated for parasites and other basic medical problems when necessary. Prior to leaving, all cats and dogs are spayed or neutered.

We recommend that all newly adopted pets receive a wellness checkup by a veterinarian of your choice.

Please note that once an animal is adopted, any additional veterinary costs which you may incur, or any additional cost of damages from your newly adopted pet are your responsibility and will not be reimbursed by the Burlington County Animal Shelter.