Foreclosure & Sheriff Sales

This section handles writs that have a judgment against the real estate owned by a defendant in a case. It is not always the first mortgage or even a mortgage that is behind a real estate sale. All real estate sales are advertised in two different news papers each Thursday for 4 consecutive weeks, and then scheduled to sell the 5th week. These sales can be adjourned by either the attorney of record, the courts, or the sheriff. The sheriff can grant 2 and only 2 adjournments per case. All sales are advertised in the Burlington County Times. The secondary newspaper chosen is dependent on which municipality the property for sale is located, and the sale is then advertised in that local newspaper for the same period as the BCT. You can find helpful information about these sales online.

For more information please call (609) 265-5127 or send an email to Foreclosure.

Foreclosure Listings