Pavilion Rental Policy and Procedure

NEW! Users will be able to search for availability, choose a space for a private event, and reserve online! Reserve a facility online.

  1. Burlington County Parks System offers pavilions and facilities for group functions such as birthday parties, family gatherings/reunions, and company/organization picnics.
  2. The pavilions at Historic Smithville Park/Smith’s Woods Area, Pennington Park and Long Bridge Park are available for the public to use at any time, but they may be reserved specifically for your private function for a non-refundable fee.
  3. All reservations are based on a first come, first served basis. Reserving a pavilion online will automatically make that date and pavilion unavailable to the public. 
  4. Outside entertainment and vendors hired must provide proof of insurance.
  5. All applicants must review and abide by ALL Park Rules and Regulations (PDF).
  6. A “Reserved” sign is posted on the pavilion to indicate that pavilion is reserved and not available for general public use during the times indicated.
  7. Groups cannot exceed the maximum capacity of the facility requested.
  8. The person reserving the facility MUST have their name on the sign posted for that facility for that day. A receipt and permit will be emailed to you upon confirmation of the reservation.
  9. The person reserving the facility must arrive within two hours of the time listed on the permit. (Example: If you reserve the pavilion beginning at 1:00 pm, you must arrive by 3:00 pm). Arriving more than two hours late will result in a County Park Ranger releasing the pavilion for public use. Please include time for set-up on your form. You may not arrive earlier than your indicated time.
  10. The reservation of a pavilion is for that pavilion only. Other areas of the park are for the general public to enjoy.
  11. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  12. Smoking and the use of tobacco and tobacco products are prohibited on or in all parks system property.
  13. Charcoal grills are available at designated pavilions for enjoyment. Fires are permitted in permanent grills provided at designated picnic areas only. NO wood fires. User must provide charcoal and extinguish fire before leaving. The County Fire Marshal recommends using only pre-soaked charcoal. No gasoline or charcoal lighter fluid is allowed. No gas grills, fryers or open flames allowed.
  14. Decorations are permitted with tape only. Putting holes in the structures is prohibited. ALL decorations must be removed by user upon departure.
  15. Vehicles MUST remain in designated parking lots. Users may not drive up to a structure to unload vehicles and may not park on roads, trails or grass.
  16. Our parks do not have access to electricity, and generators are not allowed.
  17. Loud music is prohibited.
  18. Jumping bubbles, ball pits, portable play areas or piñatas are prohibited.
  19. No portable tents, nets or canopies allowed.
  20. The Parks System practices a carry-in carry-out policy for managing trash. All trash is to be removed and taken by user.
  21. Burlington County Park Rangers may be on site at any time during an event to assure all rules are being followed and to offer any needed assistance. You can reach a ranger by phone by calling (609) 668-5164.

Check availability and reserve a pavilion.

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