Agent Orange


Many veterans believe they can file a claim for Agent Orange. This is often a misconception on the part of the veteran. Claims for Agent Orange must be associated with an illness or disability directly associated with exposure to Agent Orange.

List of Disabilities

Visit the latest list of disabilities recognized by the Veterans Administration as presumptive of Agent Orange exposure.

Questions or Concerns

Our office is always prepared to assist veterans with information concerning this matter. If you believe you have a disability related to Agent Orange, please contact us at 609-265-5247.

Agent Orange in Korea

We learned recently that operational control of a unit of the 2nd Infantry Division was transferred to the 7th Infantry Division in early 1969. That unit is the 3rd battalion of the 32nd infantry (3-32nd). A veteran's service records may show assignment either to the 3-32nd of the 7th Infantry Division, or to the 3-32nd of the 2nd Infantry Division, depending on when the entry was made into the service record. Both unit designations were rotated to the DMZ during the time that Agent Orange was used, and you should concede exposure to veterans in those units who allege service at the DMZ.

Also, we have learned that another unit, the 2-31st of the 7th Infantry Division, was a DMZ rotational battalion. The 2-31st was under the operational control of the 2nd Infantry Division between January and April 1968, when they, too, rotated to the DMZ. Again, service records may show the 2-31st as assigned to either the 7th or the 2nd Infantry Division, depending on when the entry was made. If a veteran was assigned to the 2-31st between January and April 1968, and alleges service at the DMZ, we ask that you concede exposure. A current list of the units that rotated to the DMZ follows:


Service records may show assignment to either the 2nd or the 7th Infantry Division.

2nd Infantry Division Units

  • 1-38 Infantry
  • 2-38 Infantry
  • 1-23 Infantry
  • 2-23 Infantry
  • 3-23 Infantry
  • 3-32 Infantry
  • 1-9 Infantry
  • 2-9 Infantry
  • 3-32 Infantry
  • 2-31 Infantry
  • 1-72 Armor
  • 2-72 Armor
  • 4-7th Cavalry

7th Infantry Division Units

  • 1-17th Infantry
  • 2-17th Infantry
  • 1-73 Armor
  • 2-10th Cavalry