All County employees unless specifically prohibited or exempted are required as a condition of employment to become members of either the New Jersey Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) or the New Jersey Police and Fireman's Retirement System (PFRS). Both plans offer the employee:

  • A retirement income for as long as you live based on your years of service credit and your final, average salary.
  • Financial protection in case of disability or death.
  • Benefits in addition to social security.

In order to vest a pension, an employee must have 10 years of service credit. Membership and life insurance information on the retirement plans is listed below.

Permanent (Classified) / Unclassified Employee

Temporary (provisional) employees employed for twelve consecutive months.

Life Insurance (Contributory / Noncontributory)

Contributory Life Insurance

1.5 times base salary earned in 12 months preceding death. Premium based on salary and paid by payroll deduction. Mandatory during first twelve months of membership. Covered employees contribute through payroll deduction. After the initial twelve months the employee may cancel membership, however, they may not reinstate coverage.

Noncontributory Life Insurance

  • 1.5 times base salary earned in 12 months preceding death.
  • No employee deductions are needed for this coverage.

Membership (PFRS)

Requirements for membership are as follows:

  • Permanent full time employees in law enforcement titles.
  • Must meet physical standards set by State of New Jersey.
  • Must enroll prior to reaching age 35
  • Group Life Insurance Plan Noncontributory (PRFS)

Members of PFRS are covered under the noncontributory insurance program. The cost of the insurance is borne completely by the employer. The amount of the benefit due to your designated beneficiary is based on final annual salary and membership status.

For information concerning eligibility on Pension Buy Back Programs and additional information concerning membership in the State Administered Pension System, please contact the Payroll Office in the Treasurer's Department.

County Sponsored Health Benefits

Employees who accumulate 25 years of creditable service with the County of Burlington and who meet the criteria to retire under PERS or PFRS are eligible for County Sponsored medical and prescription benefits coverage. Dependent coverage is available upon payment of quarterly premiums. Dental coverage is available according to COBRA guidelines