County Voucher

Billing Instructions

Instructions on billing the County of Burlington for materials or services:

  • Vendors will be paid upon receipt of an invoice and a properly executed voucher (PDF) covering the purchases orders as submitted.
  • All invoices and vouchers must be submitted to the billing address shown on the purchase order. Invoices must match the purchase order and have full description of services or supplies.
  • Purchase order number must be on all invoices and vouchers.
  • County voucher must be completed, signed and attached to original invoices. Payment cannot be made without properly executed voucher.
  • Forward invoice and voucher with original signature (only original blue ink signatures; rubber stamped signatures or black ink are not acceptable) to the county department shown as "bill to" on the purchase order.
  • Payments are authorized at the Board of County Commissioners meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.
  • Invoices with vouchers must be processed through the "bill to" and accounts payable / finance departments no later than the Wednesday prior to the scheduled board meeting.
  • Follow up for invoice payment must start with contacting the county department listed as "bill to" on the purchase order. Telephone number of department appears in same area.
  • Additional vouchers are available upon request from the "bill to" department, the Division of Purchase, or by downloading the form below.