Women's Advisory Council

About the Burlington County Women's Advisory Council

The Burlington County Women’s Advisory Council identifies and addresses issues that affect women in Burlington County, raises public awareness of the special needs and roles of women, and enhances the quality of life for all women. The Council’s purpose is to advocate for the general needs of women, examine the health and social service needs of women, promote the expansion of rights and opportunities available to women, and to promote the representation of women in government.


Commissioner Director Felicia Hopson
Commissioner Linda Hynes

Jennifer Aydjian
Tammi Bathke
Gaye Burton
Lovepreet Buttar
Kelly Brennan Clark
Julie Deans
Sruti Desai
Anna Evans
Mariel Giletto
Ashanti Holley
Michelle Jackson
Dianne Mills McKay
Maria Merced
Cindy Pawlyzyn
Christina Renna
Nikki Moore Samson
June DePonte Sernak
Shirla Simpson
Kimo Thomas-Dennis
Jackie Veasy
Jo-Ann Weiner
Bridget Wiese
Lisa Killion-Smith


Activities sponsored by the council include: