Deer Management Program


General Information 

The overpopulation of white-tailed deer is a major conservation concern. An overabundance of deer can interrupt the natural regeneration of trees and other plants, negatively affecting the structure and composition of many habitats.  As a conservation and recreation agency, the Burlington County Parks System acquires and manages land both for resource protection and recreation opportunities. Responsible land stewardship and resource protection require that wildlife and its habitat be managed for the benefit of all animals and plants. When the dominance or behavior of a particular species threatens the well being of others, active intervention is required. The growth and density of the State's deer population and its consumption of native plant materials that are vital to a healthy forest and as food and shelter to birds and small mammals constitute a problem requiring active intervention. 

Under the guidance of the NJ DEP, Burlington County Parks has developed a thorough plan to help in reducing the white-tail deer population.  Select properties, based on location, population and the surrounding environment,  have been chosen to be open to deer management hunts.  Based on the deer herd and square footage, a predetermined amount of permits will be allowed.  Hunters and their prospective locations will be assigned using a random lottery.  The Burlington County Deer Management Program will be conducted in accordance will all NJ Fish and Wildlife rules and regulations. The County has also enacted several local rules as well.  Please read in its entirety the Burlington County Deer Management Program rules and regulations.  Once read please select the link below to enter the lottery.  You will immediately be prompted to answer 10 questions to confirm your understanding of the County's rules and regulations.  


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Burlington County Deer Management rules and regulations (PDF)

How to obtain a permit (PDF)

Deer Management Harvest Reporting

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